Addiction & Recovery:

  • Overcoming Harm OCD - written by Jon Hershfield


  • The Thriving Hive (a parable) - written by Mari Ryan


  • Finder: The True Story of a Private Investigator - written by Marilyn Greene & Gary Provost

Parenting & Child Development:

  • Joyful Toddlers & Preschoolers – written by Faith Collins
  • Life As A Spectrum Mom (The Spectrum Mom Book 1) - written by Karen Pellett
  • Spectrum Parent's Survival Guide (The Spectrum Mom Book 2) - written by Karen Pellett
  • The Parallel Process - written by Krissy Pozatek
  • What I Need 2 Succeed: From A to Z for Teens - written by Linda Carter


  • Tales of Men and Ghosts (multi-cast) – written by Edith Wharton

Contemporary Women's:

  • Appearances: A Novel - written by Sondra Helene
  • The To Do List - written by JC Miller
  • Things Unsaid: A Novel - written by Diana Y. Paul


  • For The Love of Laura Beth - written by Aubrey Wynne
  • Never Say Necklace - written by Jacklyn Hardy (Weist)
  • Paper Love - written by Aubrey Wynne
  • Roping His Heart - written by Jacklyn Hardy (Weist)
  • Saving Grace - written by Aubrey Wynne


  • Zeus Inc. - written by Robin Burks


  •  Invisible Me - written by Debbi Mack